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Europe Calling: Europe’s Competition Policy in the global digitalised economy

Please, find the recording here:


I would like to kindly invite you to the next episode of my online discussion series “Europe Calling”, this time starring a special guest: European Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager. Vestager is one of the most influential and couragous people in economic policy. She charged Apple to pay the staggering sum of 13 billion Euros to compensate for tax subsidies in Ireland. Vestager does not shy at disputes with big companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. But, as Time 100 says, Vestager “is not a technocrat. She bases all her decisions on the values that are close to her heart: fair play and opportunity for all”.

Globalisation and digitalisation poses new threats to fair markets. New oligopolistic internet giants concentrate more and more power. Their control over our data poses a growing threat of our freedom.

Please, join the debate with commissioner Margrethe Vestager: How should Europe’s competition policy respond to the global digitalised economy?

I would like to give you the chance to talk to her and discuss your questions. The idea of the “Europe Calling” series is to bring Europe closer to its citizens. The concept is simple but effective: Using a “Webinar” device on your personal computers, hundreds of people can attend discussions on European politics and thus participate in European democracy.


Europe Calling: Europe’s Competition Policy in the global digitalised economy

Time: 29 May 2017, 16:00h – 16:45h


Please, register online to the “webinar” (technically necessary):



Everybody is free to take part from one’s home or office via computer, smartphone or good old fixed line. You can ask your questions via an online chat or get directly involved by posing questions and statements via your microphone. The speakers interact with the audience like in a normal room.


Please, register online to the “webinar”:



On Monday 29 May shortly before 16:00h just open the link that you get after the registration. Then run the „GoTo Webinar“ device. You can then directly take part in the discussion. Please keep in mind that you will have to use a Windows or Mac computer, Linux is unfortunately not yet supported by the program. If you have any problems, or need technical advice, please contact my member of staff Felix Banaszak via ed.ap1524331575orue-1524331575eneur1524331575g@kaz1524331575sanab1524331575.xile1524331575f1524331575 or via phone: +3222845369
I would appreciate a lot to hear many of you! Also, I would be grateful if you could help distributing the invitation. As there is no limit of space, please make as much advertising as possible.

2 Kommentare: “Europe Calling: Europe’s Competition Policy in the global digitalised economy

  1. the calling disapotinted me, because of Mrs Vestager dos’nt agree to the answer that she has not strengthen google in Irish Nation until yet. They haven’t payed until yet!
    Is that right Mr Giegold.

    And her opinion is always to take attention to the ecomomic opinions an side.
    The markts disturbers have to become sanctions no protection!
    Why, we have to discuss the fair trails for Customers and civillians.
    Mr. Eickhout asked true questions the car manufactures weren’t not even strenghten enough and that is not only in the order of Germany, because the authorities are only interested to protect the market!

    Greetings Iris

  2. the national authorities will not punish companys so long as the tax profits are not regulated. The Commission has to stop these practise with more effecitivity.

    Greetings sunny

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