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Transparency: Constitutional committee vote on transparency, integrity and accountability

Here are all the details on today’s vote.

The achievements of my report can be found here in detail: http://www.sven-giegold.de/2017/european-parliaments-constitutional-affairs-committee-wants-big-steps-towards-more-transparency-and-integrity-in-eu-institutions/ 

The full text of all compromises can be found here: Transparency Compromises 2017-03-20 as voted

The final voting list of the Committee here: DVL-Transparency_20-03-2017_updated final draft

The Roll Call Votes of the Committee vote: 2017 03 21_AFCO_ROLL CALL VOTES

The table with the voting behavior of the largest political groups can be found here: PositiononCOMPs


3 Kommentare: “Transparency: Constitutional committee vote on transparency, integrity and accountability

  1. Dear Mr. Giegold
    Hope all is well.
    As a regulatory affairs practitioner, I strongly endorse the Resolution drafted by you.
    In that respect, I am interested in knowing more about the online one stop shop solution mentioned above. Is there a solution in place? If not I might have a few ideas for such a solution and I am happy to share them if you are interested.
    Many thanks and kindest regards
    Maha Al-Saadi

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