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Postponement of the parliamentary mission to Slovakia

At the request of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, the European Parliament’s express delegation to Slovakia had to be postponed by one day. The detailed programme of the delegation’s visit will be decided by the Conference of Presidents at 2 p.m. this Wednesday. The mission is expected to begin this Thursday. Below you will find the first draft of the programme, which is still based on the original time schedule. For the Green Group, Hungarian MEP Benedek Jávor will be present.

Sven Giegold, Parliament’s rapporteur on transparency, integrity and accountability of the EU institutions, said:

“Never before has the European Parliament reacted so speedily to violations of fundamental rights in a member state. A 24-hour shift does not change that. Perhaps the Socialist Prime Minister Fico will need a few more hours to clean up his office. More importantly, the European socialist party family must finally distance itself unequivocally from Prime Minister Fico. The bashings against George Soros are just as intolerable as his insults to journalists. Fico is becoming the Orbán of Slovakia.“

The preliminary programme of the mission can be found here:

http://www.sven-giegold.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Draft-Programme_Slovakia_7.09_11.09-rev. pdf

More about the decision making towards the express delegation:



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  1. Unfortunately, PM Fico has been showing he is only the more sophisticated clone of his former predecessor Meciar capable of everything to stay in power.
    The fact, he has stayed in office for the third time, has been possible only due to the betrayal of the voters who were loyal to parties Most-Hid and Siet. The former built the coalition with Smer, the latter has been dissolved, which served its purpose.
    At last, appears a question how far will Fico go to maintain this power. Questionable is also the endurance of people of Slovakia in their struggle for liberal democracy.
    Former communist, then devoted Catholic, now unmasked extremist ready for the coalition with the party of Marian Kotleba.

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