DIE GRÜNEN | EFA im Europäischen Parlament Sven Giegold Am 25. Mai:Grün für ein besseres Europa
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European Semester: Special treatment of Germany discomforts Europe

Within the framework of the European Semester, the European Commission has today published its assessment of EU Member States’ reform efforts. As a key pillar of these so-called „Country Reports“, the Commission has scrutinized Member States, which have caused macroeconomic imbalances and thereby contribute to the destabilization of the Eurozone. These “In-Depth Reviews” form the […]


EU finance minister meeting: Blacklist is whitewashing tax havens

The EU finance ministers have today defined the final criteria for the identification of tax havens. In November 2016, the EU finance ministers had already agreed on rough criteria for such an EU black list. Today, it has been fixed how to deal with countries without or with extremely low corporate taxes. In September, the […]


Online discussion “Europe Calling” on “A state-run pension fund – remedy against abusive life insurance policies? Lessons from Germany and Sweden”, Wednesday 22. February 2017, 15:00-16:00h

*** Follow this link to directly register for the online discussion: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6230800834033341699 ***     I would like to kindly invite you to the next episode of my online discussion series “Europe Calling”, the future of pension products being the next topic. The idea of the “Europe Calling” series is to bring Europe closer to its citizens. […]


EU reform: European Parliament calls on governments for action

In three separate reports, the European Parliament has today called for the EU’s treaties to be fully exploited to achieve a more effective European Union. The reports were authored by MEPs from Conservatives, Social Democrats and Liberals. Bresso and Brok, Beres and Böge as well as Verhofstadt, who compromised their texts with Green shadow rapporteurs. […]


MiFID II: Conservative and Liberal alliance fails to prevent damaging food and commodity speculation

The European Parliament has today given approval to rules adopted by the Commission under the framework of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), despite widespread concern that it will allow harmful commodity speculation to continue. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive of 2014 was supposed to introduce strict position limits to curb excessive […]


Banking Union report: European Parliament wants financial reforms to continue

The European Parliament today adopted an initiative report assessing the state of play of the Banking Union. The report requests solutions to the problems connected with non-performing loans (NPLs), and excessive variability of bank-internal risk-weighting models. The final text also contains a large number of Green proposals, including calls for: coordinated action against the growing shadow […]


Madeira Papers: Misuse of free trade zones has to be ended

Research published today by Bayerischer Rundfunk, ORF, Le Monde and the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia confirms the abuse of free trade zones for tax avoidance. The Portuguese island of Madeira offers companies a 5% low tax rate on company profits, even without substantial investments or jobs on the island. Sven Giegold, Economic and Financial Spokesman […]


German Greens have to stand by their opposition to CETA. The vote in the EU parliament is not the end.

  Next week on 15 February the European Parliament will vote on the EU-Canada Agreement CETA. After this vote, the agreement will be applied provisionally and must then be ratified by all Parties to the Agreement, including the 28 EU Member States. The disputed additional protection of foreign investors is expressly excluded from provisional application. […]


Panama Papers committee delegation to Malta: visit without guests

Several Maltese invitees have not yet committed to meet the European Parliament Panama Papers committee (PANA) in Malta on Monday 20th of February. As part of a fact-finding mission to the country, Members of the European Parliament requested a meeting with Members of the Maltese Parliament who so far have not responded. Additionally, PANA asked […]


Tax havens: EU blacklist must not be obstructed

On Tuesday, the EU Council sent letters to 92 countries to draw up a list of ’non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes’‘ by the end of 2017. In November 2016, EU finance ministers agreed on the rough criteria for such an EU blacklist. If a country does not meet the minimum standards of tax transparency and […]