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Brexit letter: UK cannot decide on EU financial market regulation from outside the EU and should end all tax haven policies

  Yesterday, 29 March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May sent the formal notification about the UK’s intention to leave the EU to president of the European Council, Donald Tusk. In this letter she proposed “a bold and ambitious Free Trade Agreement” including “that it covers sectors crucial to our linked economies such as financial services […]


PRIIPS fast-tracked

  This Monday evening the economic and monetary affairs committee (ECON) has voted a motion for an early non-objection for the delegated act on the PRIIPS regulation. This has now to be confirmed by the plenary and the Council in order to clear the way for implementation. Both are rather formalities as the ECON vote […]


Press breakfast on banking reform Tue 28 March 9h30

Invitation for a press breakfast: Banking reform: what happened to fixing our broken financial system?   Dear correspondents, The financial crisis that hit in 2007 revealed severe instabilities in the global financial system. But what became of the efforts to fix it? While there initially seemed to be international political resolve for major reform, almost […]


Transparency: Constitutional committee vote on transparency, integrity and accountability

Here are all the details on today’s vote. The achievements of my report can be found here in detail: http://www.sven-giegold.de/2017/european-parliaments-constitutional-affairs-committee-wants-big-steps-towards-more-transparency-and-integrity-in-eu-institutions/  The full text of all compromises can be found here: Transparency Compromises 2017-03-20 as voted The final voting list of the Committee here: DVL-Transparency_20-03-2017_updated final draft The Roll Call Votes of the Committee vote: 2017 03 21_AFCO_ROLL CALL […]


European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee wants big steps towards more transparency and integrity in EU institutions

The European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee has today adopted the report on „Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions“ with a very big majority. The report has been ready to be voted on since September 2016, but Conservatives, Social Democrats and Liberals blocked the vote. Many of the particularly controversial rules for MEPs were […]


LuxLeaks appeal: Heroes are made criminals

This Wednesday, the court in Luxembourg announced its final verdict in the trial against the whistleblower Antoine Deltour and the co-defendants Raphael Halet and Edouard Perrin. In June 2016, the journalist Edouard Perrin was released from all charges against him whereas Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet were given suspended sentence and a financial penalty respectively. […]


European Parliament takes on financial crime with tough proposals

The European Parliament’s committees on Economic & Monetary Affairs (ECON) and Civil Liberties Justice & Home Affairs (LIBE) voted on the revision of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive on the 28th of February. The report was guided through Parliament by the Dutch Green co-rapporteur Judith Sargentini together with the EPP’s Krišjānis Karins. The majority of MEPs […]


Protection for Whistleblowers: Send the EU Commission your opinion!

Dear friends, Last Friday, the EU Commission finally launched a public consultation on possible legislation to protect whistleblowers in Europe. The Greens/EFA Group has been respectively calling for a directive for months. Our proposal for a directive can be found here: http://www.greens-efa.eu/en/article/whistle-blowers-directive/ It is a great success that the European Commission is now reacting to […]


European Parliament’s delegation on money laundering to Luxembourg: Government must investigate all firms involved in Panama Papers revelations

A delegation of tax avoidance investigators from the European Parliament was in Luxembourg to probe the authorities and government officials on the role the country has played in facilitating tax dodging. The delegation of MEPs from the Panama Papers Committee of Inquiry are investigating revelations contained in the offshore leaks, which include the Panama Papers […]


European Semester: Special treatment of Germany discomforts Europe

Within the framework of the European Semester, the European Commission has today published its assessment of EU Member States’ reform efforts. As a key pillar of these so-called „Country Reports“, the Commission has scrutinized Member States, which have caused macroeconomic imbalances and thereby contribute to the destabilization of the Eurozone. These “In-Depth Reviews” form the […]