DIE GRÜNEN | EFA im Europäischen Parlament Sven Giegold Am 25. Mai:Grün für ein besseres Europa
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Transparency and integrity in the European Parliament: petition and start of negotiations next week

Conservatives, Social Democrats and Liberals are still blocking more lobby transparency and tougher integrity rules in the European Parliament. Meanwhile, more than 47,000 EU citizens support a petition to call on MEPs to lift the blockade against a reform of lobby transparency and integrity rules. Our petition had initially been launched in German and English. […]

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Letter to EU President Tusk on CETA

In an open letter to EU President Donald Tusk, the co-presidents and trade spokespersons of the Greens/EFA Group demand that the decision on signature, conclusion and provisional application of CETA is withdrawn from the agenda of today’s Trade Minister Council meeting in Luxembourg. They argue that the Council lacks the institutional and political legitimacy to […]

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Expert consultation: Initiative report on Banking Union 2016

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) of the European Parliament currently works on an initiative report on the state of play in the Banking Union including European banking legislation and supervision. The initiative report of the European Parliament shall contribute to the discussion on the future course in European banking regulation and supervision. The […]

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Public Health: MEPs vote to ban the use of mercury in dentistry 

Members of the European Parliament’s Environment committee today voted to adapt EU legislation on mercury, to bring it in line with the Minamata Convention on Mercury signed in 2013. The new regulation aims to ban mercury in dentistry by December 2022.   Green member of the environment committee Bas Eickhout said: „Mercury is a highly toxic substance […]

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Retail financial services: European Parliament makes a strong call to advance green finance and simple products

The European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) voted this Tuesday on its proposal for the EU’s future work on retail financial services, such as insurances, investment products or payment services (the so called “Green Paper on Retail Financial Services”). This Green Paper sets the stage for the EU’s measures and legislative initiatives to […]

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Petition to increase lobbying transparency and stop revolving doors

There are more lobbyists around the EU institutions in Brussels than in any other European capital. The quick move through the revolving doors by former EU Commission President Barroso to Goldman Sachs, or the undeclared offshore company held by former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, have stirred public distrust around the independence of individual EU politicians. […]

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Low interest rates: turning a blind eye is not a solution either

Low interest rates are having an increasingly dramatic impact on insurance policies. In early August, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) published up-to-date figures on the solvency of German life assurers. Twenty-five percent of the firms concerned now do not meet Solvency II’s capital requirements. Four of the 84 firms examined have no or […]

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Green Plan for Transparency and Integrity in the European Parliament

After to the most recent revolving door scandal of former Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and the hidden tax haven company of Neelie Kroes also in Parliament pressure is rising to allow for more transparency and to strengthen integrity. Two weeks ago the Conservatives (EPP), Social Democrats and Liberals blocked the vote on the fully […]