DIE GRÜNEN | EFA im Europäischen Parlament Sven Giegold Am 25. Mai:Grün für ein besseres Europa
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Transparency register: Progress on lobby transparency but many loopholes remain

  Today, Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, presented the proposal for a new Inter-Institutional Agreement between the European Commission, European Parliament and The European Council relating to the transparency register for lobbyists. Rapporteur for the Transparency Report of the European Parliament and Greens/EFA finance and economic spokesman Sven Giegold commented: „The European Commission’s […]

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Launch of the „EU leaks“ platform

Today, the inquiry committee investigating the Panama Papers held its first hearing. The committee is mandated to elucidate why banks, business lawyers, audit firms and other finance companies managed to build up a global network of letterbox companies without being punished. My intention is to uncover the firms that are involved in such dirty business […]

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Revelations on Neelie Kroes: Outstanding negative example of corrupting trust in politics

Revelations on Neelie Kroes: Outstanding negative example of corrupting trust in politics   A new investigation of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) reveals that former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes has breached the EU Commission’s Code of Conduct by withholding information about her participation in an offshore company in the Bahamas. A whistleblower shared […]

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Expert consultation: proportionality in banking regulation

Since the culmination of the financial crisis, more than 400 laws and implementing rules have been adopted or fundamentally revised. In particular smaller institutions and providers suffer from the quick introduction of so many new rules. During the legislative procedure we have achieved to take many special needs of smaller institutions into account. Ahead of […]

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Financial Services: First corrective detention class for the Commission – European Parliament rejects rules for complex financial products (PRIIPs)

Currently, European Parliament, Commission and Council are in the course of implementing a crucial pillar of financial service regulation: the rules for a key information document (KID) for retail financial products, which European Parliament and Council adopted in 2014 under the regulation on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (“PRIIPs regulation”). […]

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Conservatives blocking lobby transparency and moves to sanction conflicts of interest in the European Parliament

The Constitutional affairs committee was invited to vote Monday 12 September on the report for ‘Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU institutions’. Yet the Conservatives (EPP) asked for a postponement of the vote and eventually received the support of Liberals and Social Democrats. The Grand Coalition in the Committee postponed the vote without setting […]

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Conservatives are blocking lobby transparency and sanctioning conflicts of interest in the European Parliament: invitation to telephone press conference Tue 13 Sep 11:30h

The Constitutional affairs committee was supposed to vote today, Monday 12 September, on my report including more lobby transparency and stricter rules for the integrity of Members of the European Parliament. The draft compromises included a ‘legislative footprint’ and empowering the ethics committee of the European Parliament which so far had no effects.  The conservatives […]

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Goldman Sachs hires Barroso: Longer ‘cooling-off period’ for EU Commissioners urgently needed

Goldman Sachs announced today that it has hired former EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso as an advisor and non-executive chairman of its international business. MEP Sven Giegold, Rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Initiative Report “Transparency, accountability and integrity in the EU institutions”, commented:   “These shameful revolving doors between politics and business […]