DIE GRÜNEN | EFA im Europäischen Parlament Sven Giegold Am 25. Mai:Grün für ein besseres Europa
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Caterpillar should lose its entrance to the European Parliament for its boycott of today’s hearing on its tax avoidance

Caterpillar declined to appear today in front of the European Parliament’s Inquiry Committee investigating the Panama Papers scandal. The US-based machine engineering company is alleged to have illegally used a Swiss subsidiary to record profits from its international spare parts business to minimise its tax burden. In contrast, Caterpillar decided in March 2017 to close […]


European Parliament calls for major steps towards greater transparency and integrity in the EU

Today the European Parliament has adopted my report on „Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions“ with a solid majority of 368 yes, 161 no and 60 abstentions. For the report voted Greens, Social-Democrats, Liberals and right-wing Conservatives. The Christian-Democrats voted against the report and isolated themselves. In March, the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) […]


Timetable for the report Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU institutions

04.12.2014 Coordinators‘ decision and Appointment of rapporteur 05.02.2015 Authorisation of procedure by CPGP 12.02.2015 Announcement of procedure in Plenary 26.03.2015 Exchange of views (AFCO if not mentioned otherwise) 05.05.2015 Exchange of views with the participation of VP Guillaume, responsible for transparency issues 17.06.2015 Exchange of views with the participation of Latvian Presidency 01.07.2015 Event by […]


Transparency report: Conservatives want to harm civil society and protect intransparent lobbyism

On Thursday the Giegold-report on „Transparency, accountability and integrity in the EU institutions“ will be voted by the European Parliament, after a nearly unanimous vote in the constitutional affairs committee (AFCO). Today, the Conservative Group EPP has tabled a large number of amendments that would weaken the report in many respects. The rapporteur and economic […]

EU lobby transparency: Vote on report “Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions” in Strasbourg Thursday, next week

EU lobby transparency: Vote on report “Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions” in Strasbourg Thursday, next week   Yesterday, the Secretary Generals of the political Groups in the European Parliament put my report “Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions” on the draft agenda for the Parliament session in Strasbourg next week. […]


New Code of Conduct: Commission may not choose its own judges

During today’s Commission meeting, President Juncker presented his suggestions for a reform of the Commission’s Code of Conduct. The public outcry over former Commission President Barroso’s changeover to Goldman Sachs had triggered this discussion to reform Commission’s integrity rules. Juncker proposed to prolong the cooling-off time from 18 to 24 months for Commissioners and to […]


EU budget 2018: ECON fights cuts in financial supervision

Yesterday evening the economic and monetary committee (ECON) of the European Parliament voted its position on the 2018 EU budget. While the monetary changes for budget lines were carried with a large majority, the committee postponed the vote on the text of the compromise were postponed as the negotiations of two compromises were not yet […]


Poland: Criticism of the EU commission is justified but contestable

Today, the European Commission has reacted to the planned justice reform in Poland and announced first decisions for next week. MEP Sven Giegold, Greens/EFA and rapporteur of the Parliament for the transparency, integrity and accountability of EU institutions:   “It is good news that the EU commission has sent a clear message to the Polish […]

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Italian and Spanish banks and Panama Papers in the European Parliament

Dear correspondents, Dear journalists,   Tomorrow financial crime and new banking subsidies will be high on the agenda of the European Parliament. We will hold behind closed doors hearings with Commissioner Vestager and with the chair of the European Single Resolution Board Elke König at 8.15 am and at 3 pm respectively. At 4 pm […]


EU-Japan trade agreement is an unfinished house – European Parliament is being barred from further negotiations

The economic and financial policy spokesperson for the Greens / EFA Group in the European Parliament, Sven Giegold, comments on the political agreement between the EU and Japan on a free trade agreement (JEFTA):   „The agreement presented is only a half-finished house. Controversial building blocks such as investment protection and regulatory cooperation are only […]