DIE GRÜNEN | EFA im Europäischen Parlament Sven Giegold Am 25. Mai:Grün für ein besseres Europa
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European Parliament Strengthens Social and Solidarity Economy

The economic and monetary affairs committee (ECON) of the European Parliament has adopted new legislative proposals, which aim to create a new type of European investment fund providing capital to the social and solidarity economy. This would give a crucial boost to this important sector of our economy. MEPs voted to improve the draft legislation, […]

Financial transaction tax:
EP pushes for swift implementation in coalition of the willing

Attac fought for the introduction of a financial transaction tax for more than ten years. Today another big step forward was made. The European Parliament adopted the Commission proposal from last year. The EP has today given its clear endorsement to the Commission’s proposals for an EU financial transaction tax, marking an important landmark on […]

Working paper: No stablization of the Euro without a Green New Deal

Does media really have a point saying that Spain, Portugal and Italy live beyond their means and are not competitive? We had a closer look at the data of the struggling countries: It turned out that the crisis countries are living beyond their ecological means. The dependency on energy and imports of fossil fuels (oil, […]

High Level Banking Conference

  I am pleased to inform you that the Greens in the European Parliament will host a high level conference on banking reform, organized by my colleague Philippe Lamberts. On the 25th of May in the European Parliament in Brussels Paul Volcker, Sir John Vickers and Michel Barnier will give key note addresses and discuss with […]

The future of the insurance industry – some answers

Short interview with http://www.conciso.eu/ on the future of the insurance industry. Find my answers here:   Question: According to Mr. Giegold, what are the main opportunities for insurers in the European context in the coming years? In other words, in which areas or in what way can they add value, remain relevant to customers etc.? Solidarity is the core principle […]

Saving the Euro needs a Green New Deal

For a short and informative summary on the question of the Euro crisis and the Green New Deal my team a me have made a PowerPoint presentation. Download here: Saving_the_Euro_GND_Update_23.05.2012 (ppt, 5 MB).

European Parliament concludes action programme against tax evasion

Today is a good day for honest taxpayers and a bad day for the tax planning industry. The European Parliament calls for the ending of banking secrecy and a comprehensive package against aggressive tax dodging. This could balance unfair austerity programmes in a time of tight budgets and high debt levels in the member states. […]

TEDxChange – The Big Picture today in Berlin

Today, Thursday April 5th 2012, I’m looking forward to take part at the „TEDxChange 2012 – The Big Picture“ conference, hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, in Berlin: http://tedxberlin.de/2012/01/tedxchange-the-big-picture/ The brodcast starts at 5 p.m. CEST. I’ll talk about our concept: Green New Deal, find details here: http://greennewdeal.eu. I was told that approximately 100.000 people […]

Launch of the European Citizens‘ Initiative!
Strengthening the European civil society

The EU is often considered to be a pioneer because of its transnational sharing of sovereignty through democratic institutions. Many European citizens have the impression though, that they can hardly influence the European decision-making processes. In the course of the Euro crisis not only the felt remoteness of the European institutions has increased, also scepticism […]